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Cryotherapy in Grapevine


Burn up to 1000 calories, heal the body, and get anti-aging benefits all in 3 minutes! During this time cryogenically cooled air will be pushed into the chamber causing the air temperature to drop between negative 275 to negative 325 degrees Fahrenheit. This will cause the body to draw blood to the heart and vital organs where it will become more oxygenated and nutrient dense. Once that blood is pumped back through your body it reduces inflammation, improves muscle tissue recovery, and boosts your immune system. Oh and it makes you feel incredible!


Cryo Slimming

 This 30 minute treatment is the first of its kind, with instant and permanent results! The treatment consists of a 3 phase thermal shock that will help naturally destroy fat cells. Whether you’re looking to eliminate fat on your stomach, thighs, arms or back this is the solution for you. Customers normally lose over half an inch in the first session!


Cryo Lifting

  If you’re looking to remove cellulite or slow down the aging process this is the treatment for you. This 30 minute cold therapy treatment will help improve your microcirculation, which results in higher collagen production. With Cryo Lifting, there's finally a real, non invasive solution to help you to reduce stubborn cellulite.


Cryo Lifting Facial

 If you’re looking for a non invasive, natural facelift then look no further. This  20 minute cold therapy treatment will increase microcirculation to the area, diminishing fine lines, boosting collagen and tightening skin. Red light therapy included to enhance results.

Cryo Glacial Facials in Grapevine

Cryo Glacial Facials

 Improve and preserve your skins youthfulness! In addition, skin's pore  size is reduced, keeping dirt and grime out. The 15 minute facial  flushes away built up toxins in the skin and helps sooth inflammation  and eliminating dreaded puffiness. Option to add on Red Light Therapy to enhance results.


B-Vitamin Shots

Our B-Vitamin Shots boosts energy, metabolism, immune system and have many other benefits as well. We have Vitamin B-12 shots, fat burner skinny shots, energy shots, and more!

Inbody Analyzer in Grapevine

Inbody Analzyer

Monitor your progress by accurately tracking it with the most In-Depth and Comprehensive Body Analyzer on the market! You're able to regularly monitor  body fat and muscle mass to better understand how diet, exercise, lifestyle and other programs are influencing your body composition. The InBody diagnosis, charts, prints your results and creates a user profile to generate a baseline to compare  future results to. This allows the user to tangibly and objectively measure their progress.  


Localized Cryotherapy

 The modern day ice pack. Reduce inflammation by drawing blood away from the targeted area so it becomes more oxygenated and speeding up the healing process as a result.  


Decompression Tables

Traction tables help decompress and elongate the spine, counteracting the effects of gravity and compressing of the spine that happens as we get older. 


Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has increased overall wellness and quality of life for countless individuals while recording significant improvements in a wide variety of health settings.

Alkaline Water in Grapevine

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a perfect compliment to Cryotherapy and a great aid to your body. Everything is either alkaline or acidic, including us. Our bodies are primarily made up of water. Just like a pool or a hot tub we want to be alkaline. That is because germs, bacteria, viruses thrive in a acidic environment. In addition, so does  inflammation, chronic pain, lethargicness and age related diseases such as cancer.

Compression Therapy in Grapevine

Leg Compression Therapy

Just 20 minutes in our Leg Compression Therapy Boots can have amazing benefits for your body! Recover faster from training or with muscle soreness. Bounce back faster from injury by improving circulation and flushing out lymphatic fluid and toxins. Or just enjoy 20 minutes of your own personal, high-tech leg massage therapy.  


Oxygen Bar Therapy

 Oxygen gives the body the ability to rebuild itself, detoxifies blood, increases circulation and strengthens the immune system. Oxygen will heighten concentration, alertness and help fight off depression. Oxygen has been known to help with relaxation and sleep disorders, prevent disease, relieve hangovers, and alleviate headaches. When breathing enriched oxygen and combining it with our essential oils, each essential oil having its own unique benefits, it makes for a  relaxing and enjoyable experience.  


Ozone Therapy

 Our Infrared Sauna reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit and heats the body directly compared to normal saunas which heat the air. Benefit from a full body detoxification and skin purification.


Stem Cell Therapy

 Regenerative Medicine is the science of using living cells being used to potentially regenerate or facilitate the repair of cells damaged by disease, genetics, injury or simple aging by stimulating the body's own repair mechanism. This is to restore function and homeostasis in the body. Stem Cell Injections has many uses including being a great potential alternative to common surgeries done on the back, hips, shoulders, knees and more. Anything related to Stem Cells is done under the supervision of Dr. Carrie Carda, who proudly serves as the Medical Director for iV Bars Incorporated, one of our wellness partners!