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Simple Sustainable Solutions for Recovery and Wellness!   

We use cutting-edge technology to empower you to achieve more.


Our cryotherapy chambers rapidly cool the body, accelerating muscle recovery, burning up to 1000 calories, and activating anti-aging skin rejuvenation. It's an ice bath for the 21st century.

Our Cryo Slimming and Cryo Lifting will naturally destroy fat cells, remove cellulite, and reduce the signs of aging.


Cryogenically cooled air reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen production. This reduces inflammation which accelerates injury recovery. Collagen helps reduce the signs of aging and cellulite.

Our B-Vitamin Shots boosts energy, metabolism, immune system and have many other benefits as well.

Our infrared sauna decrease stress, encourage glowing skin and muscle relaxation – improving your performance and well-being.


When put together with our additional services, these treatments along with our expertise work to help you attain higher energy, a sharper mind and a killer body.


Recover faster. Feel Invincible. Look Incredible. Cryo Nation

About Us


Thomas Edison was a visionary for what health and wellness is all about. The preservation of health is easier than the cure of the disease.


Simple Sustainable Solutions for Recovery & Wellness!

Our goal is to make health and wellness fun and simple so that you can sustain your wellness into the future without the use of harmful medication.


Get Cold, Not Old!

Walk-in today, no appointment necessary for Cryotherapy, B-Vitamin shots and most of our services!

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