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Cryotherapy in Grapevine

Why do Cryotherapy with Cryo Nation? Cryo Nation in Grapevine is the busiest Cryotherapy Center in the U.S. because we get you colder, we include more with your Cryo, and we have the best service and best rates!

Cryo Slimming

Cryo Slimming in Grapevine

This 28 minute treatment is the first of its kind in the US and is exclusive to only a few places in the US, including Cryo Nation in Grapevine! The treatment consists of a 3 phase thermal shock that will help naturally destroy fat cells. Whether you’re looking to eliminate fat on your stomach, thighs, arms or back this is the solution for you. Book your appointment now! 

Cryo Lifting

Cryo Lifting in Grapevine

If you’re looking to remove cellulite or slow down the ageing process this is the treatment for you! This 20 minute cold therapy treatment will help improve your microcirculation  and speed up your metabolism, which results in higher collagen  production. Book your appointment now! 


Localized Cryo

Localized Cryo in Grapevine

Localized Cryo or as we call it the  "ice-pack on steroids", is the perfect compliment to Whole Body Cryotherapy.  While Whole Body Cryotherapy is great for overall wellness, the localized Cryo is used to target specific that need further attention. 

B-Vitamin Shots

B-Vitamin in Grapevine

We could all use an extra boost. What better way to get it than the natural vitamins comprised from B-Vitamin shots?

  • Vitamin B-12 Shots
  • Fat Burner Shots
  • Energy Shots

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Cryo Nation in Grapevine

Most of our services, including  Cryotherapy, require no appointment. Come in today and find out why we are the #1 Cryotherapy Center in the Nation! You only have one body, so make sure you get cold, not old. We will help you look, feel, and  perform your best!


Robin Garner

 "Coldest freeze I've had. Love the staff. The pricing can't be beat."

Patti Allen

 "Aches and pains are disappearing and I feel so much looser. I highly recommend this be added to anyone's health journey."

Geraldine Doran

"Very impressed with the level of service and professionalism. It was really cold! Best cryo experience in DFW!"

Nekia Godfrey

"I had to try this, and it works. I had my two boys with me, we had a blast! My sons want to bring their teammates. The entire crew was very personable and took care of us and educated us on fitness and wellness. I'm very particular and the experience was amazing and the customer service was exquisite. Loved it! Try it!"

Sharon Torello

“My initial reason for doing Cryo was to lose weight. Upon getting two treatments in the last two days I have seen and felt significant difference. I will be a lifetime client! I could have stayed there the entire day! Thank you for the wonderful ambiance and impeccable customer service! You  truly don't come by this level of treatment often. Go get your Cryo on!" 

Joe Lanfer

"I started cryo to help with my knee after surgery. Then I had 2 shoulder surgeries. I am basically pain free now. I had tried another company before I found Cryo Nation and find this facility to outshine everyone. They have so  many ways to help you, that you could easily go every day and get a different experience."

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